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Blackberry Thunder (Touch)… Exclusive Pics
July 22, 2008, 12:05 pm
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The folks over at crackberry seem to always come up with the exclusive cell phone pics. This time they were able to get a hold of the first live shots of the new blackberry thunder. I must say that i am an die hard iphone fan but before I had the iphone the BB was my thing for years. The design and the general concept of the seems to be modeled after the iphone (killing the cell phone game right now). Check out the features over at crackberry and let me know if it is enough to make you iphone users switch back.


MacBook Touch (Axiotron’s ModBook)
July 22, 2008, 10:10 am
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Nods to my homie Frshmn for putting me up on this, I guess I was sleeping but yes that’s right there is a MacBook Touch. Well, it is actually a modification of the MacBook and a Tablet PC type of touch screen.
Since January a consumer electronics company by the name of Axiotron has been selling them for $2279 to $2479 (the difference is the RAM and DVD drive). Click here for more info.

Touch Screen DJ Turntables

With the facination of being able to touch things to get them to work, e.g., iPhone, or your grocerie store touch screen checkout, there is a new innovation that will allow DJ’s to just touch also.
The Attigo TT is a touch screen turntable that allows DJ’s to loop, sample, and scratch waveforms just like you would do vinyl. It is the same size as a regular TT.

I am not to hyped about this myself. I’m a turntablist/vinyl DJ who uses serato now and I can’t see myself converting my setup to something like this. I’ll save this for next generation. Holla!!!

Kanye Has A Ghost Blogger!!! Ahhh Haaa we caught you…

Damn I knew it!!! According to SandraRose.com our main man Kanye has a Ghost Blogger. Yeah that’s right. He has somebody writing and posting content on his blog the same way Loon used to write rhymes for Diddy. I guess aint shit safe no mo. You know what, get it how you live. I still got much respect for dude as long as you don’t tell me that “kanye doesn’t even own a beat machine and Consequence bangs out all his beats for him”. A cat that busy can’t possibly be updating his blog that many times a day. Hey you know what, if he paid me a fare wage ($92,614 a year) and threw me a drunken white girl here and there I’d write his shit.

Gold MacBook Air with Diamond Logo… Sickness
June 25, 2008, 6:32 am
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I was just cruising Don C’s blog Dead Stock Don and ran across this pic Chris Brown holding a gold macbook air with the apple logo encrusted with diamonds. Nuff Said

Source: Dead Stock Don

Google Phone still buzzing…
June 24, 2008, 4:44 am
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Buzz is still going strong about the Google phone. According to tech website T3 google has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into the development of this phone. Also they are supposed to be in talks with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon to carry the Google phone during its initial release. At this point the iPhone has changed the cell phone game. The last phone to have heads going nutz like that was the motorola razr when it came out in 04′. Oh yeah, if you aint gots the iPhone yet you needs to cop one for you and your moms.

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