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Kanye West’s New Album Title: 808’s & Heartbreaks…

808’s & Heartbreaks is the title and it is due to come out Dec 16, 2008. This is a highly anticipated LP that I can already tell from the lead single (Love Lockdown) is going to be somewhat different from Kanye than what we are used to. I cant wait to ride to this one.


Kanye Freestyling @ Virgin Mobile Fest 08′

Fake Air Yeezy’s On Ebay… Watch out kid!!!

I’m convinced the chinese black market can fake anything. Yeah that’s right I investigated it myself. Flugazy Air Yeezy’s. They go from sizes 8-12… And some even claim to be authentic. I saw one seller pushing a pair of fakes for a buy it now price of 300 bones. Yeah mutha fucking right. The Air Yeezy is not due to come out until second quarter 09 and will remain illusive to joe smoes until then.

Kanye West – Champion (Official Video)

Just in time for the Olympics

Kanye West Makes Beat on 60 Minutes… Revisited

Remember this episode of 60 minutes. Kanye West is trying to keep it proper but still cant help but be himself. The funny part comes at 0:47 when Kanye trys to explain the meaning of a “Dope Ass Beat”…

Air Yeezy: New Closeups!!!

Thanks Andrew Barber over at Fake Shore Drive we are able to take a closer look at the illusive Air Yeezy… One of the most talked about Nike shoe collabs this year it is sure to Topple the Carter 3 in 1st week sales. Get your paper up!!!

Source: FSD

Now We All Can Be Kanye West!!! Kanye West for Absolute Vodka

Kanye West for Absolute Vodka