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Big Boi – Rock The Bells Interview (Video)

Big Boi speaks to on label troubles, new music, and when the new album should be dropping…



Andre 3000 – “Lookin’ For Ya” (Tags)
July 16, 2009, 3:47 pm
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Download:  Andre 3000 “Lookin’ For Ya” (Tags)

Sneakers Friends ’09 with GLC, Andre 3000, Mc Shan (ATL)

Check out the video the folks over @ Broccolicity TV put together.  The video showcases the Sneaker Friends event that took place at 595 North Lounge in Atlanta last Thursday.  Sneaker Friends is an event that goes down annually and is an outlet for sneaker heads to showcase their rare or limited edition kicks, listen to good music, and network with other shoe lovers.

Top 10 MC’s… Just So You Know

Me and my homie Marco got into a heated discussion last night about who was the top MC’s in the game past and present. It seems like I alway’s get into some kind of discussion about that type of shit. It’s cool though because I enjoy those types of conversation and hate talking about cornball shit. So in light of that discussion last night I decided to a post on my top MC’s. This list for me changes sometimes depending on how i feel and where I am in my thought process but for the most part it doesnt drift to far from this…

This is a list that I have comprised of the Top 10 MC’s that had the most influence on the evolution and mental mind frame of The Kid…

1. Nas

2. Rakim

3. Jay-Z

4. Andre 3000

5. Biggie

5. Eminem

6. Tupac

7. KRS-One

8. Common

9. Big L

Bonus MC: Lupe Fiasco