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Kanye Has A Ghost Blogger!!! Ahhh Haaa we caught you…

Damn I knew it!!! According to SandraRose.com our main man Kanye has a Ghost Blogger. Yeah that’s right. He has somebody writing and posting content on his blog the same way Loon used to write rhymes for Diddy. I guess aint shit safe no mo. You know what, get it how you live. I still got much respect for dude as long as you don’t tell me that “kanye doesn’t even own a beat machine and Consequence bangs out all his beats for him”. A cat that busy can’t possibly be updating his blog that many times a day. Hey you know what, if he paid me a fare wage ($92,614 a year) and threw me a drunken white girl here and there I’d write his shit.


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I wondered how he had the time to post so much.

Comment by Thomas

Yea the cat is out the bag now. I expect a classic Kanye rant when he jumps bail and gets a wireless signal.

Comment by eightysbaby

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