2 Live And Fly

Nike Air Max 1 Installation @ Overkill Germany

To celebrate the release of the Air Max 1 in the OG colorway Germany’s Overkill store tricked out their store front courtesy of Nike and the Air Max 1.


Spotted@: Overkill


Nike Air Max 1 “Safari Pack” Fall 2009

Here is another hot one for you Air Max Lovers….  Nike does the Safari Pack again but this time its geared towards the Ladies.  With the bold colors and the classic Air Max 1 Technology these are sure to be a must have for those female Nike Heads.  Catch them @ a  Nike Sportswear Retailer or your local Nike Boutique. 



“L.A. Gear” is Back for a RE-UP

The Next 80’s/90’s brand to make another run for it is LA Gear. The 80’s “Valley Girl” brand that was once co-signed by the likes of Micheal Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Joe Montana has decided that there is more money to get in the shoe game since the 80’s are so called back. Some Classic styles are due to drop this fall so be on the look out. Meanwhile peep the site L.A. Gear

Shad “The Old Prince Still Lives at Home” (Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air)

SmokeYYY from “That Real Ish” fame put me up on this vid. I thought it was a good parody and I am amazed by how some of the back drops look just like the original. Peep the Vid…

Nike “Air Stab” is causing violence in the UK.

Reportedly the Nike Air Stab is making people want to go out and stab someone. A shoe that was designed by a our main man Tinker Hatfield and has been out since 1988 is not responsible for street violence in London. That shit sounds totally ridiculous huh. I am not going to bother explaining the whole situation so read more here. By the way Stab=Stability

Troop Sneakers: Interview with key designer Mike Rhodes… The Rise and Fall

Sneaker Freaker recently interviewed Mike Rhodes who was a designer and art director for Troop sneakers company. If you are not old enough to remember Troop foot wear was one the the illest sneakers to have in the 80’s. If you had a pair you were doing it and if you didn’t have a pair you wanted a pair. So you ask yourself, for a sneaker that was highly sought after like this one why are they not still around. Well the answers are here and the rumors are put to rest in an exclusive interview by Sneaker Freaker. Click here to read all about it.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Ready for another go round…

The Air Jordan 1 and the Air Jordan 22 will be hitting the streets in September as another countdown pack. As you can see this is not the OG colorway but the look and the feel are still very similar. The Air Jordan 1 is a classic and amongst Jordan collectors are the hardest to come by whether Retro or OG.

Source: Sneaker News