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Nike Hyperize “White Men Can’t Jump” This Saturday!


Two More days til the White Men Can’t Jump Nike Hyperize hit stores.  Yep, The Billy Hoyle (Woody) and Sidney Deane (Wesley Snipes) inspiration is all over the shoe.  The make up of the shoes include a color scheme from Wesley Snipes biker flip top hat that he wore while balling in the movie.  Also you can find embossed on the shoe the famous quote from Billy Hoyle “You can listen to Jimi, but you can’t hear him.” The shoe comes in a Quickstrike release and both pairs officially drop in the United States on July, 19th 2009.  Pics after the jump. Go Cop…


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“L.A. Gear” is Back for a RE-UP

The Next 80’s/90’s brand to make another run for it is LA Gear. The 80’s “Valley Girl” brand that was once co-signed by the likes of Micheal Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Joe Montana has decided that there is more money to get in the shoe game since the 80’s are so called back. Some Classic styles are due to drop this fall so be on the look out. Meanwhile peep the site L.A. Gear

Benny Gold “Dough Boy” New Era Fitted’s

Check out Benny Golds take on the hat Made Famous by Dough Boy AKA Ice Cube in the 90’s movie Boyz N The Hood. The New Era Hats are set to drop this fall and will surely go fast. Also check out a clip of one of the most thought provoking conversation ever to hit the big screen… Dough Boy speaks on his spiritual beliefs.

Reebok Insta Pump Fury and Pump Omni Lite… EXT-Lux Collection

Over the past couple of years Reebok has Brought the pump back strong. The Latest pumps to release are the EXT-LUX Collection. The Collection Features the Insta Pump Fury and the Pump Omni Lite. The pumps have a premium leather upper and are laced with a snake skin pattern. To make them extra Luxurious gold colored accents have been added around the shoe to give you that lavish feeling. Go Cop..

Source: Hypebeast