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Street Dreams: The Movie (For Skateboarders by Skateboarders)


From the mind of Rob Dyrdek comes the movie “Street Dreams”.  You might know Rob Dyrdek from the Hit TV show Rob & Big which airs on MTV and from his rock star Pro Skateboarder status. Now he can add movie maker to his resume.

Street Dreams tells a story of a young skateboarder Derrick Cabrera (played by P Rod) who wants to be a professional skateboarder but has to deal with family issues, a girl friend, and peer pressure.  He eventually tries to find his way by following his dreams and entering the Tampa AM Skateboard Competition. For more on the movie… Click here

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Shwayze: MTV artist of the Week… 52 Bands/52 Weeks

“West Coast Chill, California Stoner Music” in the words of Cisco Adler. Cisco Adler is the producer and Shwayze lays down the rhymes. Shwayze is a 22 year old rapper who hails from Malibu, California. The last time somebody put rapper and malibu california in the same sentence they came up with that stupid ass Jamie Kennedy movie.

Its not too often that A new artist flys under the radar and makes it to the big screen without me having ever heard of them before but I guess this is one of those rare instances. My homie frshmn put me on these cats and since then its been tight work. You check them out here. Let me know what you think…

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, MTV is doing a series on these guys. They series called “Buzzin” is due to premier July 23, 2008. The series follows the Shwayze and Cisco in a Journey from Malibu California to the making it big time in the music industry.

Kid Sister Guest Host on FN MTV panel…
June 28, 2008, 5:20 pm
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Chicago Hip Hop artist Kid sister was a guest host on MTV’s series FNMTV. I think that was a good look for Kid Sister. Kid sister is just one of those artist that is sure to have staying power. She is very energetic and vibrant. Big Up to the Chi-Town for blessing hip hop with breath of freshness.

By the way, Kid Sister stated on the show that her Pro Nails video cost $2500 to make. That throwed me for a second because the vid looked great and was well put together. Kid Sister… A real live chick in my book. Check out the video Below:

Santogold… MTV’s Artist of the week
June 28, 2008, 3:34 pm
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Looks as thought Santi White AKA Santogold is MTV artist of the week. That’s a really good look for her. Now MTV has put together a series of commercials featuring her performing but some of the commercials throwd me off a little but with some random talking about BS. I wonder who was the creative mind behind that marketing. But the most important is that she is getting major exposure for the style and boundary breaking music that she is doing. To learn more about Santogold (click here).