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Coup De Grace Fall Skateboard Series…

If you have been following Coupe De Grace for the last couple of years you know that they have released some simple but memorable designs for their tees. One tee that comes to mind is the “Service” tee that pictures Paris Hilton giving dome. The picture is taken from the highly acclaimed underground video (sex tape) “One Night In Paris“. Now you can get that design and other dope designs from CDG on your skate deck. The decks are available right now for 50 bones at Robust Flavor… Go Cop


DQM X Nike Blazer

DQM has collaborated with Nike once again to build one of the illest takes on the Nike Blazer yet. You can only catch these kicks in store but in my opinion it is worth the trek. Check Out the DQM web page for more info

Dave Quality Meat

Time Magazine: supersized kids breaking skateboards
June 24, 2008, 11:21 pm
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I guess kids are getting so fat that they are breaking skateboards and shit. Below is the cover of this months time magazine… Its funny to think that this is the best cover story they could come up with this month. Usually the cover story is the most important story for that magazine issue. Hmmmmm..

Check out the cover (here)