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Mr. Hudson & Kanye West on The Alan Carr Show (Video)
Mr. Hudson and Kanye West talk to Alan Carr of The Alan Carr Show in London on Sunday.  I wish I could have found the video of the Supernova performance but everywhere I looked it had been removed.  Still this is a great interview.
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Shad “The Old Prince Still Lives at Home” (Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air)

SmokeYYY from “That Real Ish” fame put me up on this vid. I thought it was a good parody and I am amazed by how some of the back drops look just like the original. Peep the Vid…

Nike “Air Stab” is causing violence in the UK.

Reportedly the Nike Air Stab is making people want to go out and stab someone. A shoe that was designed by a our main man Tinker Hatfield and has been out since 1988 is not responsible for street violence in London. That shit sounds totally ridiculous huh. I am not going to bother explaining the whole situation so read more here. By the way Stab=Stability